Travelers from UK do not have to quarantine in Netherlands

People coming to the Netherlands from the United Kingdom will not have to quarantine at home for 14 days, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed on Twitter.

The UK implemented mandatory quarantine for travelers from the Netherlands, starting on Saturday. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs adjusted its travel advice accordingly, moving the UK from code yellow to code orange.

Usually, when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs escalates travel advice for an area to code orange – which means that all unnecessary trips to the area are discouraged – due to the coronavirus, it also means that returning travelers have to self quarantine for two weeks, in case they caught the virus while abroad.

The travel advice for the UK was not escalated because coronavirus infections are increasing there, but because the United Kingdom implemented extra restrictions on travelers from the Netherlands. It is therefore not necessary for people coming back to the Netherlands from the UK to take extra precautions if they are not showing symptoms.